Nola, Actor

“Ever since I’ve met LeAnn, about a year ago now, I became aware I was in a presence of a very special young woman. 

Her calm and poised demeanor was quite refreshing and I was deeply impressed by her maturity. 

She possesses intuition, knowledge and wisdom beyond her years. 

The Tarot readings with her came soon after we’ve met, at the time when we didn’t really know much about each other, and I must admit that I was skeptical in having them done in the first place with anyone, mostly because I didn’t have a lot of faith in their accuracy in general. 

But because I was going through an extremely turbulent time in my personal life and was at the crossroads, and because somehow I trusted LeAnn and her innate expertise on the subject, despite not knowing her well, I decided to keep an open mind and give it a try regardless of my preconceived notions. 

LeAnn offered insight and depth, clarity and guidance like no other. 

The accuracy of her initial reading (and many that followed after) was frighteningly on point, without the disclosure of any information prior to it, on my part. 

Ever since then, not only did I change my mind about the Tarot reading world, I became her regular client and I consult with her on any issues, conflicts, decisions, etc. I am facing. 

She has truly been godsend and I cannot recommend anyone better. 

Do yourself a favour and book a reading now. It will change your life.“

Rachida, Non-profit Manager

"Lee has open my eyes to a whole new world and helped avoid pitfalls. She will tell it to you like it is, simply feeling your energy and translating into words what it tells her. She is curious, always trying to deepen her knowledge, invests in her talent to get better at it. I highly recommend her services, she’s helped me a great deal when I was lost, helping me make sound decisions!"

Carol, Actress

"Leann was superb!

Her personality makes you feel right at ease and her insight is on point. Talented and time generous, she is the real deal....!!!! Whatever questions might plague you, she has the answers.

Highly recommended!”

Dragana, Executive

“Leann is incredibly insightful, honest and truly the real deal. I came to her to get clarity for my career path and went home with so much more. She has beautiful energy and is such a great source of support and positivity. I highly recommend a visit with Leann!!”